Commonly Misused Words – For GA FOR 2022, NCRA, and NVRA



The course describes commonly misused words with mini quizzes as you go through the alphabet.  There is a final quiz that consists of fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice sections.

Once you complete your order through the online store, click on back to merchant. This will take you back to the order screen where your download(s) will be available. After you have completed the course, you will send the signature page and final quiz back to or fax to  (888)883-6434.

The link will be a PDF document.  If you prefer a Word document, please email us and we will send that as an alternative.

After we receive your completed course, we will send you your completion packet and all the necessary forms by the next business day to receive your credit.

It is preapproved for 5 hours by the Georgia Board of Court Reporting.

It is pre-approved by the self-study task for NCRA for .5 CEUs

NVRA – 5 Credit Hours

Thank you!

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